Until Next Year
Thank you to close to a thousand people that filled the seats from the Auditions to the finals, of people that joined together to make this event great.
Like we said before, there was one thing for sure and that is that Marblehead definitely has talent. From thirty-plus auditions down to the final three. It was both fun and exhilarating.
Unfortunately, the scholarships only went to the top three and although many were disappointed, including parents, the job had to be done and everyone sang their hearts out. There will never be enough applause.
Thank you to everyone that worked so hard this year.
Thank you to the ten finalists:
August Belf
Emmet Charney
Lani Gilmore
Lucy Key
Brooklyn Lorenz
Sadie Newburg
Jake Piascik
Anthony Vizy
Brady Weed
Eldar Yahorau
Thank you to the four fourth place winners that each received $500:
Lani Gilmore
Brooklyn Lorenz
Sadie Newburg
Anthony Vizy
And congratulations to the three top winners of the MGT24 Performance Scholarships:
First place: Jake Piascik $6000
Second place: Lani Gilmore $4000
Third place: Brady Weed $2500
Also a big thank you to the four Judges:
And a final thank you to our Director Michael Dynice, our Streamographer Andrew Nicastro and the great team at the Cabot Theater.
The phenomenal catering was provided by Marblehead's own Beacon Restaurant and Bar.
Photos will be posted soon. The full video production will also be available. Check back here for more info as it becomes available.
Tshirts, programs and signed posters are also still available.
Until next year.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, good or bad, please feel free to write me directly. We're always trying to make this event the best that it can be.
David Deutsch