Marblehead's Got Talent
Dress Attire
Don't come to the semi-finals in your pajamas. There will be photographers taking pictures and your audition will be videoed for the first set of judges to watch. If you look like a slob, someone is going to say, "they look really messy" or "they're not star material," you can wear your pajamas and hoody when you're famous and appearing at the Garden. 
Bring your music on your phone and if you have some special contraption or your phone requires something more than a USB or USB-C cable, bring an adapter. We have a lot of adapters, but come prepared. If you play an instrument, feel free to bring it with you. We will have both an upright piano and an electric piano available and we'll try to scrounge up a microphone, but don't assume we'll have anything else. If you have a question, ask now.
David Deutsch (call, text or email)
Moving Forward
The semi-finals are in two weeks on Wednesday March 13th at 5pm.
There will be a glass with fifteen straws. Each straw (actually coffee stirrers) will have a number on it that corresponds to the order that you'll be performing.
I will be emailing you between now and then. RESPOND. If you don't like email, get used to it, that's how the rest of the world communicates.
Do not get to the Marblehead High School Auditorium after 5pm or you will make a lot of people very anxious. Aim for 4:30 so you can set-up, pick your number and relax.
Any questions, please email
Four individual fourth prizes will be awarded at the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be at Marblehead High School and everyone in the audience will get  voting cards with their program. At the end of the night, the votes will be tabulated and the four students with the highest number of votes will each get a fourth place prize. This is separate from the finals in Beverly where the students selected to move on to the finals will perform in front of a live audience and four celebrity judges will select the top three. It is possible to win a fourth prize and then additionally a first, second or third. Good luck.