Posted by Alexander Falk on Mar 18, 2019
In late January to early February, one of our members, Rosie Segil, went on a Rotary International trip to India to participate in the 2019 National Immunization Day, where she had the opportunity to administer the Oral Polio Vaccine herself as part of Rotary's global effort to eradicate Polio:
For more details of her trip and additional photos, please continue reading....
Rotary group picture at the Taj:
Mariane B. from Belgium, the 17 years old who raised 15,000 Euro for polio. She's really impressive:
Exchanging banner with PDG Manjit Sawhney of South Metropolitan Delhi -- incredibly active fund resource for Rotary projects (installation of toilets in schools, health clinics for free including an Eye Clinic, Vocational schools) in Mewat, the site of our immunization visit:
President Rachana Bhargav (extreme right) of  Jaipur Madhugandha Rotary, the all women's club of Delhi:
The Eye Clinic (free) with assistant clinicians:
Youth converging to meet us at the Eye Clinic:
The Vocational School for women which includes a primary school:
Visiting the Vocational School:
The typical children of Mewat:
The local Immunization aid worker (shown in the middle, she typically resides in the community). She handles all of the medicines and medical records, tracks the community's family household and each member's family immunization record: